815 High Street
Klamath Falls, OR  97601
PH: (541) 884-4566 • FAX: (541) 882-0472

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Our History:

The first church was built in 1905 and dedicated to the Sacred Heart. In 1910, the church was enlarged and a room for the priest was added. A barn on the property housed the priest's horse.

In 1916, property was purchased at 8th and High Streets, and the church was moved to its current location. A parish hall was built next to the church, where the present church offices are located.

A small school was started in 1917 and was staffed by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky. They were replaced in 1924 by the Sisters of St. Francis.

Due to the coming of the railroad and expansion of the lumber industry, a drive for a new church and rectory began in 1928. Construction started June 18, 1929 and was completed in October. The total cost of both buildings was $87,168.97.

The sisters of St. Francis had fewer and fewer candidates, and in 1980, they deeded the school and land to the Diocese. The living quarters on the third floor of the school were in poor condition. In 1984 a house was remodeled, and the remaining ten sisters moved to the Washington Street location.

By 1988 only three sisters were left, and the High School was closed. The sisters left that same year, and the convent was closed and eventually sold. In 1992 the seventh and eighth grades were closed, and June 1993 brought the complete closing of Sacred Heart School due to financial necessity and declining enrollment. Hundreds of children from the Basin attended the school during its 76 years of operation.

Our Church

On September 20, 1993 Klamath Falls endured two earthquakes of magnitude 5.9 and 6.0. The older part of the school received
major damage and was razed. Two of the existing buildings received minor damage. The church also suffered nearly a quarter of a million dollars in damage. The bell tower was reinforced with large steel beams, and geothermal heat was installed as repairs were being made.

The Sacred Heart heritage lives on in each and everyone one of us.

   8:00 am
• Tuesday:
   6:00 pm
• Saturday Vigil:
  5:30 pm (English)
• Sunday Services:
   9:30 am (English)
  12:30 pm (Spanish)
• Holy Days
  8:00 am
  7:00 pm

• Saturday
  3:00 PM - 4:00 pm

Parish Office Hours
• Mon.: CLOSED
• Tues, Wed, Thurs.:
  8:30 am-4:30 pm
• Friday:
  8:30 am-12:30 pm

Exposition of the Eucharist, Adoration and Benediction
• First Friday of each

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