Adult Faith Formation

The Bible and the virgin mary PArt II

Wednesdays @ 10AM - BEGINNING september 19th (6 weeks)

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Do you want to learn more about why Mary is so important to us? Do you already have a strong devotion to Mary and would like to grow even further in your knowledge of her?

The Bible and the Virgin Mary, part of the St. Paul Center’s Journey Through Scripture series, unveils the mystery of Our Lady that is woven into the fabric of Sacred Scripture. Twelve visually stunning lessons convey the beauty of the doctrine and devotions surrounding Mary, bringing them to life in a powerful, new way.

In this study, we will learn about Mary in a way that is different from what you have seen before. In it, we will:

  • Discover how Catholic beliefs about Mary build on the Old Testament as well as the Gospels.
  • Learn why the early Church used titles like “New Eve” and “Ark of the New Covenant” for Mary.
  • Grow immensely in your devotion to Our Lady.

Please join us on the second part of this amazing journey with our Blessed Mother in the Religious Education Center beginning on September 19th @ 10am and continuing every Wednesday morning for six weeks. Participant Workbooks will be available for purchase on the first day of class. 

** Registration is $20 to cover the cost of the course workbook **

If interested, call Paul Chutikorn at (541) 884-4566 or via email: or simply fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. 

Bible Study with the Church Fathers - Gospel of John

wednesdays @ 6pm - Ongoing


Imagine yourself having the opportunity to have a round table discussion about the Gospels with the Church Fathers themselves, because that's exactly what we will be doing!

Have you been craving a deeper knowledge of the scriptures? One of the many advantages of being a Catholic is that we have such an enormous amount of resources at our disposal in terms of what we believe as Christians. The interpretation of Sacred Scripture is one of those benefits. In this study, which will be one unlike any you have experienced yet, we will use the famous “Catena Aurea” (Latin: Golden Chain) which is a masterpiece chain of Gospel commentaries from over eighty of the Church Fathers! The Church has declared that we cannot interpret scripture in a way that is contrary to the unanimous consent of the Fathers. What better way to ensure we are understanding the bible in the same way that was taught by the Early Church?

Coming to this study will be one way of aligning our understanding with the Church who is responsible for safeguarding the truth of Divine Revelation, as we move line by line through the Gospels.

Please join us for this weekly study in the Religious Education Center @ 6pm and continuing every Wednesday evening on an ongoing basis. If interested, call Paul Chutikorn at (541) 884-4566 or via email: or simply fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. 

read between the wines

(Coming soon)

Join your sisters at Sacred Heart and become a WINE member (it’s free)! This is a four-week study, we will meet for 4 consecutive Mondays. 

6:00PM – 6:30PM Social Time

6:30-7:30 PM Book Discussion

Sacred Heart Religious Education Center

Please contact Kandace in the Parish office if you would like to join us on this journey, or simply register below. 

men of st. joseph

saturdays @ 9AM (Parish Hall)

The Men of St. Joseph is an association of Christian men, united under the Catholic Church, who meet weekly to pray together and encourage each other to be the spiritual leaders of their families. The purpose of the Men of St. Joseph is to instill holiness in men and facilitate spiritual leadership in family and community life.

The Men of St. Joseph meet on Saturdays at 9:00AM in the Parish Hall. Come and join us for 90 minutes of prayer, coffee, fellowship and a discussion of the upcoming Sunday scripture readings.

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