Theology Corner

The Theology Corner is a weekly theological reflection by Paul Chutikorn, Director of Faith Formation. Check back once a week to read a new volume, or simply read it in the weekly Parish bulletin. Please feel free to print and share if you feel the need to. Enjoy! 

Volume 1 - Is going to Mass a requirement? 

Volume 2 - What is the mission of the family? 

Volume 3 - What are virtues and what do they mean for me? 

Volume 4 - What is the Problem of Evil?

Volume 5 - What is the Problem of Evil? (Part 2)

Volume 6 - Does God Exist? Aquinas’ “First Way.”

Volume 7 - Does God Exist? Aquinas' "Second Way."

Volume 8 - Does God Exist? Aquinas' "Third Way." 

Volume 9 - Does God Exist? Aquinas' "Fourth Way."

Volume 10 - Does God Exist? Aquinas' "Fifth Way."

Volume 11 - Is the Eucharist Just a Symbol? 

Volume 12 - Should we call Mary the "Mother of God"?

Volume 13 - Is Abortion Ever Acceptable? 

Volume 14 - Is Euthanasia Ever Acceptable? 

Volume 15 - Is Contraception (Birth Control) Acceptable? 

Volume 16 - Is Reproductive Technology Allowed by the Church? 

Volume 17 - Is War Acceptable by the Church? 

Volume 18 - What Does the Church Teach About the Death Penalty? 

Volume 19 - Why did Jesus Speak in Parables? 

Volume 20 - Why Do We Need the Sacraments? 

Volume 21 - What is Advent, Why Do We Have it, and How Should I Celebrate it?

Volume 22 - Is Christmas a Pagan Celebration? 

Volume 23 - How Can We Best Prepare for Christmas? 

Volume 24 - Christmas: A Two-Fold Message

Volume 25 - Does the Devil Actually Exist, or is He Just a Metaphor for Evil Itself?

Volume 26 - Is Satan Still Sinning Even Now?

Volume 27 - What is Purgatory? 

Volume 28 - Where Did the Bible Come From? 

Volume 29 - Why Should We Obey the Commandments?

Volume 30 - Should We Refer to God as He, She, or It?

Volume 31 - Is it Wrong to be Emotional? 

Volume 32 - What is Grace? 

Volume 33 - In What Sense Do We Merit? 

Volume 34 - Why Do We Pray to the Saints? 

Volume 35 - How are We Accountable for the Sins of Our Fathers?

Volume 36 - What is Holy Week? 

Volume 37 - What Does Easter Mean for Me? 

Volume 38 - How Do I Defend My Faith to Mormons? (Part 1) "The Great Apostasy"

Volume 39 - How Do I Defend My Faith to Mormons? (Part 2) "Plurality of Gods"

Volume 40 - What are Indulgences?

Volume 41 - What is Baptism and why is it Necessary? 

Volume 42 - What is Confirmation and why is it Important?  

Volume 43 - What is the Eucharist and why is it Important?

Volume 44 - What is Confession and why is it Important?