Children's Ministry (Grades Pre K - 6)

Welcome to Religious Education! The children had so much fun with Mighty Fortress Vacation Bible School that we have kept the RE Center decorated as a castle. 

This year’s RE theme is: "Putting on the Full Armor of God”

You will see knights guarding the rooms and hall ways and our school colors will hang from the ceiling.  Each class will be encouraged to create their own shield.  The saints will still be our role models and guide us throughout the school year (and life).

How can my child be a part of this adventure?


1.  Register your child in Religious Education

Where you might ask?  Registration forms can be found by clicking the button above.  They are also available in the office and in the vestibule of the church. 

2.  Bring them to class.  Parents bring your child to the class room and sign him/herin.  Classes will remain on Sunday mornings and start time will remain at 11:00AM but the classrooms will be open for children at 10:45AM.  Please have you children there BEFORE the 11AM start time.  This helps to minimize disruption.  The first Sunday’s are late start of 11:15AM.  We encourage families to come enjoy breakfast cooked by the Knights of Columbus after the 9:30AM Mass. 

3.  Pick your child up and ask them what they learned. Parents come in and sign your child out of their classroom.  Dismissal, again this year will be from the classrooms at 12:15PM.  Parents MUST come in and sign their child in before class and come in and sign their child out after class.  The extended classroom time enables us to be in compliance with Diocesan requirements & allow our students ample time for learning.

The combined classes were a big hit last year and helped to create community amongst our students.  Here is a list of the classes we are offering:

  •  Pre-K and Kindergarten: "Allelu! Growing and Celebrating with Jesus" (Available in English and Spanish)

·       Levels 1&2: “Our Heavenly Father”

·       Levels 3&4: “Our Life with Jesus”

·       Levels 5&6: Credo: I Believe

First Communion and Confirmation preparation will begin after the first of the year only for students who have been attending Religious Education/Youth Group on a regular basis (approx. 75%) for two years (start this year in RE/Youth Group to be eligible for Confirmation 2019).