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We are a people of God, guided by Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to live and share the Gospel message of Christ.

Mass Times (Lent)

Monday - No Mass
Tuesday - 6pm
Wed/Thurs - 8am
Fri - 8am, 6:30pm
Saturday - 5:30pm
Sunday - 9:30am (English) 12:30pm (Spanish)
Holy Days - 8am & 6pm

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Pastor’s Welcome

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        Lent – 40 Days of Renewal                              

To my Sacred Heart Family,

The Lenten season is upon us! As we prepare accordingly, I think it is important to address the meaning behind Lent altogether. The word “Lent” is actually an Old English word for “spring.” This is a fitting word because while much of Lent coincides with the actual springtime, there is a level of spiritual significance to it as well. Lent truly is a time for 40 Days of Renewal. This is a time when we renew ourselves into a life of Christ and allow him to awaken us to the Paschal Mystery which has brought salvation to mankind.

Throughout the 40 days of Lent, we imitate our Lord as he spent 40 days in the wilderness, praying and fasting in order that he could prepare for his ministry by aligning his human nature with the divine nature. Similarly, in this spiritual springtime, let us also strive to align our humanity to the will of God so that we may prepare to open ourselves even more to his grace which will leave us with true peace in our hearts. The Church has dedicated this time as one of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. These serve as a way for us to remove any selfish desires that we have which become an impediment to our faith and our relationship with God. The goal, then, is to move into Easter being left with only a self-giving love, so that we can participate more perfectly in the resurrection by overcoming sin and death just as Christ overcame sin and death through the Paschal Mystery.

As you may have seen, Sacred Heart will be offering a Lenten Mission this year, the Little Black Books for Lenten Reflections, as well as our seasonal Lenten Soup Supper. We are offering these as a way to aid in cultivating the grace and love of Christ that is within us all so we can truly reap the benefits at this time of spiritual growth. It is my sincere hope that you all participate in these events as we grow in faith together as one family.

To make this season even more meaningful, I would strongly encourage all of you to please remember Sacred Heart in your Will or Trust. Doing so, would be of great assistance to our parish as we continue to build up the kingdom of God, while also sending a strong message to others that the Church played an important role in your life. Gifts can be made to the parish either through a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate (10% recommended), and/or a particular asset such as real estate or other valuables. I really appreciate your consideration as you contemplate how you will leave behind your legacy as a permanent member of Sacred Heart Parish.

May the peace of the Lord be with you this Lenten season!

Sincerely in Christ,

           Very Rev. Rogatian Urassa